Giving Back

Learn about the philanthropic ventures of the award-winning professional skin care brand Eminence Organic Skin Care, and why we choose to support and promote their products.





 Eminence helps Forests for the Future


 Eminence Organics plants a tree for every retail product sold through their initiative known as “Forests for the Future.” Over 20,000,000 trees have been planted worldwide as of this year.

Through their “Forests for the Future” program, Eminence helps farmers in developing countries to create sustainable farming infrastructure in rural communities, bringing food and resources to the local community all through one charitable program.





The Eminence Kids Foundation


The Eminence Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization launched by Eminence in 2013. Initially starting as a personal story, this organization has turned into a global effort to aid sick children and their families by providing them with healthy, organic meals at hospitals and care facilities. 

The Eminence Kids Foundation has served hundreds of thousands of meals to date. It also works toward educating the children and parents of tomorrow about the healthy food choices one must make in order to leave a healthy and productive lifestyle, as well as the massive impact food can have on well-being and quality of life.




Eminence Supports Workers & their Families during COVID-19


During this difficult year of facing a worldwide pandemic, Eminence Organics stepped up. They produced 50,000 government-compliant hand sanitizers and other resources that they donated across hospitals, medical facilities, non-profits, clinics, and of course, their own team members. 

This charitable initiative was made possible because of the countless supporters of Eminence Organics throughout the world. Using the brand’s global supply chain capabilities, they were able to produce all necessary protective equipment (and even donate a big part of it) on time. 

In addition to hand sanitizers and protective equipment, they’ve donated up to 10,000 personal care products, including creams and skin care products to provide relief from the effects of prolonged equipment use.




More about Eminence

Eminence is a professional skin care brand loved by every customer it reaches.

Eminence Organics blends revolutionary skin rejuvenation and herbal craftsmanship that’s unique to its roots in central Europe. Hungarian farms grow and harvest the ingredients necessary to craft premium organic, natural, and Biodynamic® skin care that’s works wonder for both your skin and for the environment.

Eminence is one of the companies leading the global movement of leveraging business to solve environmental and social problems, and as a Certified B Corporation®, holds rigorous production and quality standards for each and every product and ingredient.



The Eminence Certified Organic Farm | Eminence Organic Skin Care from Eminence Organics on Vimeo.



If that wasn’t enough… Skin Mama chooses Eminence because:



The hydrational, nourishing, and restorative properties of the products and ingredients recommended by Skin Mama have helped hundreds of people around the world – and they love and swear by the results they’ve achieved. 

Read some of their reviews below.

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Eleven of the most powerful ingredients used in Eminence products are grown inside organic farms in Hungary, allowing gatherers to harvest them in their most vital state of vitamin and nutrient richness and use them to create unmatched skin care products. 

Through a time-tested and holistic process, we at Skin Mama are able to bring these ingredients straight to your door with extra fast delivery so any skin care issue you have can be handled quickly and conveniently.



I used Eminence products to battle my cystic acne, during my pregnancy, and any time someone in the family has irritations, acne, or another skin problem. 

Yes, that includes children! (The Stone Crop Body Oil and Stone Crop Lotion are particularly great for children and their sensitive skin.) 

Bringing it all together, Skin Mama is the one place where you can access an Eminence solution for every skin care problem you’re experiencing.