What Is Biodynamic Skin Care?

Clogged pores, dull skin, uneven tone, breakouts, and wrinkles – your skin may be showing signs of aging. 

There’s no need to panic though! Treating your skin biodynamically will help you achieve radiant and clear skin.

Biodynamic skin care offers a completely different approach to skin care. It is truly holistic, natural, and organic. Plus, if you have been looking for a natural skin care routine that is balancing, healing and protective while working against the signs of aging, then you might want to consider biodynamic skin care. 

Stick with it to discover the following: 

  • Biodynamic is a level up from organic
  • How biodynamic farming works
  • The calendar used in biodynamic farming
  • Biodynamic certification
  • Relation of biodynamic farming to skin care
  • How does biodynamic farming relate to your skin care

Biodynamic is the Next Level of Organic Skin Care

With the growing popularity of organic and sustainable agriculture, many skin care companies are using certified organic ingredients in their products.

However, not all organic ingredients are created equal. There are training and standards that organic farmers must pass. Biodynamic farming is an even stricter process of organic farming and is becoming more popular among producers of organic products.

This farming method takes organic products a step further by limiting the use of biocides and fertilizer and bans the routine use of herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics. The use of pesticides is strictly forbidden in this organic process.

The Biodynamic Farm

Biodynamic farming has its roots in organic farming principles and promotes the use of natural and renewable resources. However, biodynamic farming is more of a sustainable approach to agriculture. It’s not just a way of growing food, it’s a philosophy that focuses on turning each farm into its own tiny ecosystem with minimal impact on its local environment.

Biodynamic farming emphasizes the interplay of four basic factors – the ecology of the farm itself, the biology of its crops and animals, the fertility of its soil, and its interaction with its environment.

Unlike other farming methods, biodynamic farming promotes long-term soil health, which in turn promotes the health of the entire farm. The farm can best be viewed as a flowing, breathing organism, where every element — human, animal, weather, seasonality — works together to grow organic food.

With biodynamic farming, you are working to produce food or in a way that not only provides for your family but also gives back to the land. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

Principles and Practices

Biodynamic farming uses natural resources like soil and waste to grow crops with no synthetic fertilizers. Crop rotation, plant diversity, homeopathic approach, composting, and animal manure are some biodynamic techniques that make this method unique from other conventional growing techniques.

The Importance of Biodynamic Farming

The ecological imbalance has been growing at an alarming rate. The earth is being over-exploited to provide us with everything we have.

With farming practices like this, we respect nature and its rhythms to keep the natural balance of our ecosystem while producing healthy food and products. 

To move on with sustainable food production, farmers must understand the vitality of the soil. Soil provides us with the power of life, and we need to treat it right.

Biodynamic Farming Follows a Calendar

Biodynamic farmers follow the lunar planting and harvesting calendar. They believe that when the moon is in ascent is the optimal time to harvest their crops.

In a period of four or eight years, depending on the climate where the farm is located, farmers pay special attention to when the moon is in ascension and the plants’ sap is rising. This indicates many things about the health of the plant and its nutrition. By simply following an annual lunar planting calendar, biodynamic farmers can harvest highly nutritional foods that taste great.

Certified Biodynamic

In a world full of products that promise to be natural, it’s easy to get confused. What’s truly natural and what’s not? That’s where Demeter comes in – providing you with a simple way to find natural beauty products.

Demeter is a farming certification for the highest predominant biodynamic farming practices. The biodynamic certification is based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner and the view that healthy, living soil is crucial to successful farming.

For over 50 years, Demeter has been synonymous with the highest quality organic food, grown from purely natural ingredients. This certification guarantees family-owned farms that use biodynamic practices to produce chemical-free products, like Skin Mama’s skin care products.

Globally, Demeter has its own organization named the Demeter Association. They regulate the growing of organic and biodynamic foods, the processing of ingredients (soybeans, grains, juices, etc.), the manufacturing of food products with no chemicals or pollutants (such as hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs), and their ultimate labeling.

Biodynamic Farming and Your Skin Care

Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach that encourages self-sufficiency and sustainability. Biodynamics also calls for treating humans and animals alike, using manure instead of toxic chemicals for fertilizing soil and feeding livestock. This type of farming produces the purest and most productive ingredients which are essential for making skin care products that are rich in texture and full of natural ingredients.

So, how does that translate to skin care?

When we see a product labeled, “organic” or “green”, we tend to believe that these products are better for us than others. And many times that does seem to be the case with biodynamic products as well. For example, biodynamic crops are grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, which means they have a natural composition that is much more nutritionally in-tune with our bodies.

As mentioned above, the cycles of the moon are carefully observed during the planting and harvesting of crops. Plants absorb the most moisture and goodness from the soil, making biodynamically grown products more potent than conventional foods. 

Plus, only natural medicinal herbs and mineral composts are used to enhance the soil, increasing nutritional value more than conventionally grown products.

“Due to the practice’s strict guidelines, ingredients harvested from biodynamic farms are even purer than organic ingredients,” says Koronczay, Eminence Organic Skin Care president.

The president further said that biodynamic ingredients are more potent, and they are suitable for a multitude of skin concerns. “Because of the way biodynamic crops are grown in harmony with the earth, they have been found to contain up to 8 percent more potassium, 20 percent more sodium, 34 percent more iron and 47 percent more vitamin C than conventional produce,” he said.

Simply put, biodynamic ingredients are nutrient-rich minerals and vitamins for your skin to soak up. No parabens and chemicals are added, making it great for sensitive skin or just on any skin type!

Goodness Overload

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. To ensure it stays healthy and protected, it's important to treat it well with nourishing, moisturizing products that will keep it supple and firm. And what better place to start than with skin care products that contain ingredients made from biodynamic farming?

Biodynamic skin care—natural cosmetics that use natural products—is becoming more popular as consumers worry about the harsh chemicals and other abrasives contained in many mainstream cosmetics.

Biodynamics considers the production of healthier crops that are full of nutrients. The result? Skin care products that deliver the purest, rawest nutrients into the skin, true to their natural state, for a healthier-looking complexion.

In addition, consumers who use biodynamic skin care products see these products as a way to express their love of the earth—and also as an environmental commitment.

Because biodynamic agriculture relies on organic crop rotation principles to increase the fertility and viability of the soil, farmers end up with healthier crops. As a result, the herbs and plant extracts contained in biodynamic skin care products are more lustrous, vibrant, and full of living energy—enhancing your skin’s vitality.

A good skin-care routine would involve cleansing with a natural product such as Eminence clear skin Probiotic Cleanser, then toning the skin using a toner formulated according to the principles of biodynamic farming, and ending with an Eminence's moisturizer range. 

Eminence’s Biodynamic Ingredients

Eminence started with the desire to create clean skin care that is good for your skin and the planet. It set out to create a product line that you can trust while still capable of producing beautiful results.

The company uses ingredients from the brand’s close network of trusted farming partners across Europe. According to its company president, each and every one of these farms is certified by Demeter-International, meeting the highest standards known to biodynamic agriculture. “In our facility in Hungary, we craft our formulas in small batches with love and intention, creating products for our Beyond Organic Collection that contain biodynamic ingredients,”Koronczay revealed.


The plethora of skin care products available in the market these days can be overwhelming. From different ranges and brands to the confusing array of options in each, it is essential that you understand your skin type and consult an expert to determine the best skin care regimen for your facial needs. 

Skin Mama's biodynamic skin care line offers a range of organic treatments that is sure to give you a healthy dose of hydration and valuable antioxidant protection. The use of locally sourced ingredients makes each product unique and it is made without any harmful or synthetic chemicals; just pure ingredients that are safe on your skin as well as the environment.

If you are interested in using biodynamic skin care to promote a healthier lifestyle, both inside and out, then Skin Mama is a great option to consider. You can contact us through our online store for a free skin care consultation.