Eminence Organics Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque
Eminence Organics Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque

Eminence Organics Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque

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Eminence Organics Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque is loaded with the skin-loving vitamin C extracted from cranberry juice. This masque also provides deep hydration with organic aloe vera juice, organic vegetable glycerin, and organic sunflower oil to quench the thirst of dehydrated skin. Vitamin E soothes inflammation and vitamin A helps fight free radical damage to restore your skin’s natural balance.

Our exclusive formula harnesses the power of Pink Grapefruit to deliver a vitamin-rich burst of antioxidant-rich grapefruit essential oils. Fruit oils deeply hydrate, nourish and restore the natural elasticity of the skin leaving it feeling luxuriously supple and revitalized. Used regularly, this masque will help encourage a healthy, more youthful glow. You will simply adore this product. Your skin will be left hydrated and invigorated, lifted and toned. This luxurious, innovative blend of antioxidants and essential fatty acids revitalizes and protects skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

Retail Size: 2 oz / 60 ml

How to Use:

Emulsify a small amount of mask in your hand with a few drops of water. Apply evenly over the entire face as well as the neck and décolleté areas if desired. Allow mask to dry 5–10 minutes then gently scrub off in a circular motion with a lukewarm face cloth. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Key Ingredients:

Grapefruit: rich in vitamin C; antioxidant

Mandarin: helps to remove skin impurities

Honey: moisturizes and nourishes the skin’s appearance

BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin


The skin appears firmed and lifted

The skin is hydrated, and appears smoothed and nourished

The appearance of skin elasticity and moisture levels are improved

The skin appears luminous and youthful

Aging Skin: Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Loss of Firmness

Application Area: Face

Cleansers and Exfoliators: Toners and Mists

Ideal for these Concerns: Aging Skin, Oily Skin, Free Radical Damage, Hyperpigmentation, Revitalizing Skin

Features: Awaken your face and tame oily skin